12 Cars Parked On Lake Fall Through Ice

12 Cars Parked On Lake Fall Through Ice

( 4UMF NEWS ) 12 Cars Parked On Lake Fall Through Ice:

Wisconsin is the home of the Packers, land of the cheese, a place that brings new meaning to the song “Jump Around”, and apparently, full of some really, really bad decision makers.

If you think I am talking about the recent Netflix series “Making a Murderer,” think again.

In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this past weekend, a few folks decided to park their cars on a frozen lake and you will never believe what happened next!!

They fell through.

I know... crazy, right?

Alright, I’ll go easy on them. After all 12 people are now probably out of a vehicle, which stinks for them. But come on guys, what did you think was going to happen?

The chaos ensued during the city’s “Winterfest,” an annual event that features various winter activities. Somehow it is a regular occurrence every year that Winterfest-goers park their cars on the lake, and this is the first time any have fallen through. This year a combination of warm weather and 12 cars lining in a row on the lake didn’t go so well, and they all went down. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

Maybe the street next year guys? Just a thought.