14-Year-Old Gunned Down

14-Year-Old Gunned Down

( 4UMF NEWS ) 14-Year-Old Gunned Down:

A doomed Bronx teenager cried out “Mommy! Mommy!” after he was fatally shot Friday in what police suspect was a gang-related attack, sources said.

Christopher Duran, 14, was walking to school with his younger brother when he was killed, relatives said.

“Oh my God, oh my God, my son!" Duran’s mother cried out as she raced to the crime scene.

Investigators immediately focused on the likelihood that Duran’s killing was the result of some kind of gang dispute.

Duran was arrested in October for criminal possession of a weapon, in this case a knife, sources said. And the baby-faced shooting victim had a somewhat menacing online presence. On March 14, 2012, Duran posted a photo of a Smith and Wesson pistol on his Facebook page. And on Dec. 27 of that same year, he posted photos of himself flashing what appear to be gang signs.

Duran’s family, who hail from the Dominican Republic, insisted he was no gangbanger.

“He’s a pretty boy,” his uncle, Jose Mendoza, said. “He never do nothing. He never hangs out with gangs, nothing like that."

Breaking down in tears, Mendoza said “it breaks my heart.”

“The only thing I want to know, who did it, and why he did it,” said Mendoza, 29.

“His mom is going crazy,” said Duran’s cousin, Stephanie Guzman, 25. “There's no words for how they feel.”

“He was a good kid, he was a normal kid, he liked to hang out with friends,” Guzman insisted.

Gerardo Moreno, who lives nearby, said he heard six shots and raced downstairs from his South Bronx apartment to see what happened.

“His mother was screaming out, crying hysterically,” Moreno, 19, said. “She was sobbing.”

Moreno said he knew Duran and called him “a happy kid.”

“He was always smiling,” he said. "I've known him since he was 11 years old. It shocks me such a little kid to have his life taken away."

Duran was gunned down at 8:25 a.m. after a confrontation with at least two suspects on Sheridan Ave. near E. 167th St., police said. He was felled by three shots to his upper body and one to the head.

The slaying happened inside an NYPD Impact Zone, a high-crime area where rookie cops are sent in to beef up police presence. At the nearby Sheridan Academy for Young Leaders and the Family School, teachers immediately moved students away from the windows and all the entrances were immediately secured.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Duran attended either of those schools.