$16.8M In Cocaine Found In Boxes Of Bananas

$16.8M In Cocaine Found In Boxes Of Bananas

( 4UMF NEWS ) $16.8M In Cocaine Found In Boxes Of Bananas:

Supermarket employees went bananas when they found about $16.8 million worth of cocaine inside fruit boxes in Berlin on Monday, police said.

Fourteen Aldi grocery stores accidentally accepted a combined 850 pounds of drugs, hidden in boxes of bananas from a narcotics shipment from Colombia, police said.

"Apparently there was a logistical mistake somewhere along the line," police spokesman Stefan Redlich told AFP.

Authorities are investigating where the shipment was supposed to go, Redlich said.

It's the largest drug haul ever discovered in the German capital, police said.

It beat the previous record, in which five branches of the same discount grocery store mistakenly accepted $8.2 million of cocaine in January, police said.