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40 Glocc Will Fight Jack Thriller For $1M


40 Glocc Will Fight Jack Thriller For $1M

40 Glocc Will Fight Jack Thriller For $1M


( 4UMF NEWS ) 40 Glocc Will Fight Jack Thriller For $1M:

It looks like we finally have a fight, ladies and gentlemen. After making a generous financial offer and weeks of pressuring The Game to get in the ring with longtime adversary 40 Glocc to no avail, Celebrity Boxing creator Damon Feldman has moved on to another voice in the Hip-Hop community, Jack Thriller.

The Thisis50.com host will step up to face 40 Glocc in “The First Hip Hop Celebrity Fight,” on Saturday, July 25th in Atlantic City. While The Game may have missed out on his potential $200,000, Jack Thriller may have just benefited from the “How We Do” rapper passing on the offer, as a European investor is willing to put up a cool million in the winner-take-all match.

Jack Thriller vs. 40 Glocc will be the first bout within The New Hip Hop Celebrity Fight League, where rap artists with beef can settle their issues. It’s also available to up-and-coming Hip-Hop stars who want to get their name out there.

If you’re in the Hip-Hop industry and/or would like to be on the undercard, email thepromoterx@aol.com for more info.


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