40 Students Involved In Lunchtime Brawl

40 Students Involved In Lunchtime Brawl

( 4UMF NEWS ) 40 Students Involved In Lunchtime Brawl:

Around 40 Los Angeles teens fought each other Monday in a brawl that erupted during lunchtime at Sylmar High School, according to reports.

A dozen police officers broke up the 20-minute clash, students told KNBC-TV, which stemmed from a gang-related conflict between black and Latino students following Saturday night’s prom.

No serious injuries were reported in Monday’s schoolyard brawl. Los Angeles Unified School District officials deployed extra police officers, counselors and support staff to the San Fernando Valley school Tuesday, Superintendent Michelle King said in a statement.

“As the head of the most diverse school district in the nation, let me be very clear: We will not tolerate targeting or violence of any kind on our campuses,” King said. “Regarding the recent conflict at Sylmar High School, law enforcement is continuing to investigate. All parents and guardians have been notified about the incident, and appropriate disciplinary action is being taken.”

School officials have not commented on what caused the fight and how many students received punishment, citing privacy laws. King wished any students who were injured a speedy recovery.

The police officers could be seen trying to separate students as they fought in cellphone footage that surfaced online Monday. Several teens threw punches and kicked each other before the officers and other school staff managed to intervene.

“One kid, he just started going up to the other kid and he, like, took the first punch, or whatever. That’s how it all started,” one girl told the TV station. “It’s just everybody tries to, like, back up their friend.”

A boy from the school, who also was not identified, said the worst injuries from the fight were black eyes and a little blood for some of the students involved.

“They’re my friends, like, I don’t want them to get hurt or anything like that,” he said. “It can escalate into someone getting shot.”