6-Year-Old Calls 911 After Dad Runs Red Light

6-Year-Old Calls 911 After Dad Runs Red Light

( 4UMF NEWS ) 6-Year-Old Calls 911 After Dad Runs Red Light:

A 6-year-old snitch’s 911 call had Massachusetts police in stitches. Robbie Richardson called authorities in Quincy to gravely inform them that his father had broken the rules of the road.

“My daddy went past a red light, he has a black truck and he was in the brand new car, my mommy’s car,” he told the 911 operator.

The dispatcher then asks to speak to the alleged culprit, who apologized for his son’s overactive sense of justice.

Mike Richardson told the Boston Globe that his son was alarmed that he had made a right turn at an intersection when the light was red during a shopping trip.

Robbie told his dad that he was going to call 911, and followed through when he got home.

“I know how to call the police. Easy peasy,” he said.

The future cop says he has been told about only calling 911 for emergencies.

“When my daddy goes past a red light again, I’ll call the eye doctor,” he added.