AFL Pre-Season Ponderings: 5 Things

AFL Pre-Season Ponderings 5 Things

( 4UMF NEWS ) AFL Pre-Season Ponderings: 5 Things:
We Have Learned From the NAB Challenge So Far (AFL)

It has been an intense 4 weeks with surprising under performances, injuries galore and even a 15-man team being fielded! So what exactly have we learned from the NAB Challenge and what bearing might this have on the AFL 2016 season and AFL betting?
The youth are carrying the torch in Adelaide
It’s always great to see new talent emerging through football and Adelaide has shown just
what fresh blood can bring to the game. The one to really watch out for in the Crow’s line-up this season is 18-year-old Wayne Milera who after just his first of the NAB, against West Coast, was compared to the absolute legend Andrew McLeod. The young November first round pick, Milera, continues to show promise and has been rewarded with his first AFL debut at the beginning of the season. Adelaide are also pushing youngster Mitch McGovern in a much more youthful line up than we are previously used to with next generation stars such as Matt Crouch and Rory Laid also stepping up and bringing notable performances preseason. Will these up and coming stars breakout this season? That remains to be seen but all the signs are positive with an impressive show at the NAB Challenge to back it up.
Carlton moving in the right direction
While Carlton’s NAB campaign wasn’t exactly electric with surprises and high scoring there are definitely some positives to be taken from it. Coach Brendan Bolton certainly has his work cut out for him with a team of raw kids and last season’s abysmal results to contend with but the NAB showed that he has the team moving in the right direction. The Blue’s five draftees from last year all saw action and impressed on the field in competitive matches against Sydney and Hawthorn. However, the spectacular thrashing from Essendon showed there is still much to be done at Carlton. All signs are positive, especially with Bolton clearly thinking of the club’s future and the fans know that there is no quick fix.
Essendon not backing down from a fight
Despite losing 12 of their most experienced and best players due to doping bans at the
beginning of the year, Coach John Warsfold is still managing to keep the club competitive.
Without doubt he has one of the hardest jobs in the world this season as he takes the reigns and attempts to take a team of kids and top-ups into a brutally fierce AFL season. The NAB Challenge showed us that the inexperience of the team might bring poor results although the win at Carlton should bring some confidence to the team. If the Bombers can carry some of that confidence through to the start of the season we may see a few surprising results from them

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