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( 4UMF NEWS ) American Idol Recap:

Apparently, 45 singers made the trip from Oklahoma City to Hollywood. But if American Idol found a potential winner in the group, it was nearly impossible to tell from Thursday's audition show, which focused more on drama and out-sized personalities (like former judge Steven Tyler, who returned in full drag for a surprise finish).

There were some likable folks, to be sure. Nate Tao, the son of two deaf parents, came in dressed like an accountant but sang Stevie Wonder with unassuming ease. Kayden Stephenson, a 16-year-old with cystic fibrosis, charmed his way to Hollywood, singing more Stevie Wonder along the way. Halie Hilburn won over the judges, too -- once she ditched the ventriloquist's puppet that she brought with her.

The night's most memorable audition, however, wasn't a good one. Nineteen-year-old Zoanette Johnson came in singing the national anthem (she'd promised her family that would be her song if Barack Obama won a second term as president), but, before she'd finished, her audition included a patriotic rant, dramatic mood swings and a suggestion that the judges hurry up with their decision because she had a lunch appointment.

The judges wound up sending Johnson to Hollywood, though it wasn't quite clear whether they meant to or if they thought they were playing along with the joke.

For years, Idol's producers have foisted mind-bogglingly awful contestants on the judges to torment them. On Thursday night, the judges exacted their revenge by sending Johnson to Hollywood.

Best reason to watch American Idol next week, as the show moves into its Hollywood phase: To watch Zoanette Johnson wreak havoc on Group Night.


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