Anthony Anderson Defends Ludacris’ Fight For Custody of Daughter


( 4UMF NEWS ) Anthony Anderson Defends Ludacris’ Fight For Custody of Daughter:

Anthony Anderson came to Ludacris‘ defense on Instagram against folks who blasted the rapper after hearing baby mama Tamika Fuller‘s side of child custody battle.

Here’s what Anderson had to say in defense of the rapper/actor:

“Why should Luda be ashamed of himself?! Do you know how hard it is for a father/man to get custody of a child from the woman/mother? We don’t know what the real story is and it’s none of our business what that story is! But know this, the same courts that determine how much child support a father should pay regardless of the relationship or time he has spent with the ex-wife or ex-lover or where that child should live and what the visitation arrangements should be has awarded custody of their daughter to Ludacris for reasons we’ll never know nor should we know because it’s THEIR business!

For this act to happen speaks volumes about both parties involved. I wish nothing but the best for the child and an amicable parenting relationship between the parents. Far too many fathers are not present in their children’s lives especially their daughters. I commend Ludacris for stepping up and bucking the system and standing up for what he believes is the best for his daughter cause he could’ve easily given in and wrote a check.

None of you know who this woman is so you can’t make judgments or assumptions about her. You know the public persona of Ludacris but not the private man Chris Bridges. I pray for the best for all involved. The courts have spoken and they know far more than any of us!”