Anthony Riley Dies


( 4UMF NEWS )Anthony Riley Dies:


Anthony Riley, a contestant and front runner on the most recent season of The Voice, has died. The 28 year old singer appears to have committed suicide.

A Philadelphia-based street performer who had been earning a meager living Busking for nearly a decade, Riley electrified The Voice early-on, with his audition tape, seen above, leading to the judges turning their chairs around faster than with any previous contestant.

The judges competed to mentor him, but Riley ultimately chose Pharell Williams, and went on to win his first battle round.

However, he abruptly left the show after that victory, at the time chocked up to “personal” issues.

Riley later went public with his struggle to overcome substance addiction, and confirmed that he had left The Voice to seek treatment at a rehab facility in Philadelphia.

Here's the video of his audition, so sad R.I.P