Ariana Grande’s Obsessed Fan


( 4UMF NEWS )Ariana Grande's Obsessed Fan:

The hottest up-and-coming pop stars on the planet, Ariana Grande has attracted some crazy stalkers along the way.

And it turns out a man named Tim Normandin finally crossed the line when he visited the “Baby I” songstress at her concert in Connecticut last month. Prior to the show, Tim had sent Grande a 42-pound pumpkin, a Kay Jewelers anklet, a rock from New Hampshire’s White Mountains and a dog-and-cat poster set, prompting the cops to visit him at his Massachusetts home.

Despite a stern warning from the police, Normandin came to the concert venue and demanded to meet Ariana. He was subsequently arrested and eventually posted a $5,000 bond to be released. Thankfully Miss Grande has great security!