Arrest Made In Victoria’s Secret Acid Attack

Arrest Made In Victoria Secret Acid Attack

( 4UMF NEWS ) Arrest Made In Victoria's Secret Acid Attack:

Naomi Oni says she was on her way home from her job at a Victoria’s Secret store in London when a veiled woman walked up behind her and threw acid, burning her face and arm and temporarily blinding her.

Oni, 21, spent a month in the hospital after the Dec. 30 attack while doctors struggled to save her sight and did all they could to repair her damaged skin. A beautiful woman is now scarred for life.

Police are still struggling to understand why. The search for suspects initially turned on Oni, when police allegedly found evidence that she had researched acid attacks on her laptop. She told London’s Evening Standard that she was “hurt and angry” that police were investigating her for self-inflicted wounds.

“I’ve only just come out of hospital after having surgery on my eye,” she said. “To see this story saying that I’d done it made me so angry and really hurts. There’s no way I would have done this to myself. I want the person who did this to be caught.”

Now police have suspects. Two people – a man and a woman – were reportedly charged with causing grievous bodily harm in connection to the attack.

Scotland Yard told ABC News it is not commenting on the case, beyond this statement: “Enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances of the incident.”

Oni says she was walking home, chatting on the cellphone with her boyfriend when she noticed someone following her. The next thing she knew her face and arm were burning with acid.

She doesn’t know what motivated the attack.

“You can burn my skin,” she says on a website dedicated to raising funds for her treatment, “but you can’t burn my soul.”


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