Azealia Banks Bites Security Guard’s Breast During Scuffle

Azealia Banks Bites Security Guard's Breast During Scuffle

( 4UMF NEWS ) Azealia Banks Bites Security Guard's Breast During Scuffle:

What a boob. Hot-headed rapper Azealia Banks punched a security guard and bit her on the breast during a public meltdown early Wednesday outside a Manhattan nightclub, authorities said.

The bizarre incident took place at Up&Down, a night spot in Chelsea, shortly after 12:30 a.m., according to sources.

Banks, 24, was at Up&Down in Chelsea for a private party when she got into a dispute with bouncers over a hand stamp and was tossed.

The star became verbally abusive then punched the woman who was escorting her out, and bit her breast, police said.

A source inside the club said the rapper became incensed when she was told she needed to get a hand stamp and was barred from entering a private birthday party for one of the club’s owners, Ronnie Madra.

She needed a stamp to get into the affair, and was told to go upstairs to get the stamp, the source said.

Instead, she went berserk, spitting and punching people, the source said.

“She attacked front-door people. She was like a crazy person -- all over a stamp. She needs to relax,” the source said.

When two bouncers escorted her out, she punched one and delivered the aforementioned boob bite, the source said.

Police charged Banks with misdemeanor assault, harassment and disorderly conduct. An Up&Down representative declined to comment Wednesday.

It wasn’t the first time the rapper was busted for bad behavior.

In October, Banks was caught on video attacking a bouncer at Break Room 86 in Los Angeles after she was caught messing with the club’s fire control valves, TMZ reported.

An LAPD spokesman told the Daily News in November that cops had opened an investigation into the incident.

A month earlier, she was Banks was again caught on camera, this time calling a Delta Airlines employee a “f---ing f----t” while getting off a plane.