Baboons Trash Man’s Airbnb Home

( 4UMF NEWS ) Baboons Trash Man's Airbnb Home:

Talk about an unexpected house guest. A video from Tanzanian professor Neil Cave of baboons that ransacked his Airbnb has gone viral after the break-in.

Cave wrote on Facebook that he walked out of the luxury apartment in Cape Town, South Africa, where he was staying with his family to find the monkeys tearing apart the kitchen.

“Had to call the cops to get them out,” he wrote. “7 of them had an hour long party. House is full of baboon s--t and trash. Amazingly only one coffee cup broken.”

Cave was charged 850 South African rands, or about $66 for the damage caused by the intruders.

Two days after their forced eviction, the baboons returned.

“Today my son left his bubble soap outside. The baboons drank it,” he wrote. “Now they're on the roof burping bubbles... classic."