Baby Found On Side Of Road In Maryland


Baby Found On Side Of Road In Maryland

Baby Found On Side Of Road In Maryland


( 4UMF NEWS ) Baby Found On Side Of Road In Maryland:

A woman is being questioned after her infant daughter was found on the side of the road in her car seat carrier in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, ABC News reports.

The woman came forward after seeing her daughter's photo on social media—Anne Arundel Country Police Department uploaded it to Facebook to spread the word about the baby. Police were able to verify that she is, in fact, the mother.

Just before midnight on the Fourth of July, officers responded to call about an abandoned child in Pasadena, Maryland. According to their Facebook post, they found scuff marks on the car seat that led them to believe she may have fallen off a moving vehicle.

The child, who is believed to be two or three months old, was taken to a local hospital and treated for dehydration. Officers say she is in "good condition," and is currently with social services. The mother is still being questioned.

"We have not developed a reason this incident occurred," they wrote on their Facebook page, "but investigators continue to interview the woman." The police department thanked their followers for sharing their photo of the infant.