Benzino ’50 Shades of Green’ Single


Benzino ’50 Shades of Green’ Single

( 4UMF NEWS ) Benzino '50 Shades of Green' Single:

Benzino '50 Shades of Green' Single!!!

Since his stint on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Benzino has been on his grind working on many new projects including new music, Benzino '50 Shades of Green' Single. has you EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTED to Zino's new song "50 Shades of Green" and on Monday (June 29, 2015) The Hip Hop Weekly CEO will be dropping the World Premiere video of "50 Shades of Green" on

Benzino's new single comes from the forthcoming mixtape LOVE, LUST & MONEY which will be dropping in July, so stay tuned, we got you on this.


For now, check out Benzino's new song "50 Shades of Green":



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