Benzino Linked To Massive Gang Arrests In Boston


Benzino Linked To Massive Gang Arrests In Boston

Benzino Linked To Massive Gang Arrests In Boston


( 4UMF NEWS ) Benzino Linked To Massive Gang Arrests In Boston:

Boston affiliates of rapper Benzino have been arrested in what is being called the biggest gang sweep in the city's history.

According to the Boston Globe, 48 members of the Columbia Point Dawgs street gang were indicted on gun and drug charges on Thursday, following the FBI's extensive investigation on the long lasting gang. On Friday, 42 members were arrested, including rapper Willie "Scodough" Berry, a friend of Benzino's. Six other suspects have yet to be detained by the police.

Scodough, or "Sco" is the alleged leader of the gang which reportedly came into fruition in the late 1980's in the Columbia point public housing area. From there, the gang's alleged large-volume drug sales expanded past the local neighborhood and into the larger areas of Boston. Authorities also believe Berry and the gang are responsible for a several non-fatal shootings and murders. One way of tracking down the suspects was through social media.

In an affidavit released by the FBI, authorities revealed rap videos, candid videos posted on Instagram and YouTube gave them research into the gangs and their latest activity.

One of the videos posted in October of last year featured footage of grand jury minutes and police information on rival gang Orchard Park. Dawgs members allegedly offered to sell the information for $19.95 to "incite retaliation by other street gangs against Orchard Park gang members."

It isn't known who uploaded the video online but authorities claim other videos like the gang's regular rap videos provided evidence for their sweep.

Scodough has worked with Benzino in his music videos, including the 2012 single, "On Top" featuring French Montana. Sco recently spoke on Benzino and Stevie J's broken friendship, noting that Zino supported the Love and Hip Hop star during his financial troubles.

"I was there when Stevie first got plugged in with the 'Love & Hip Hop' thing," he said. "He was staying with me and Benzino in Miami at the time. Stevie needs to remember that Zino was there when you had nothing."

Benzino released a statement about the Columbia Point Dawgs arrest on Friday.

"I deal with lots of people in the music industry, and beyond that I will not make any further comment,'' the rapper said in a statement released by his attorney, Martin Leppo.