Best strategies to win a Game

Patience – check! Determination – check! Discipline – check!

That makes you poker smart as this game is all about making good decisions with the cards you hold and the position you are in. The simplest approach towards playing a good game in poker is being aware that you have no control over the opponent’s actions and the only thing you can do is to make best possible decisions with all the information you have. You could be well playing an occasional J-5 under the gun but this leak is avoidable with an ounce of self- discipline.

Card Game

A beginner needs patience to get the right skills in the right way. What everyone would tell you to do is to seize an opportunity with a strong card by raising your opponent and building a pot. You could be in the middle of a blow from several cold cards or could have hit a real monster hand but what is likely to keep you going is your level of patience and wit. A witty player can intimidate its opponent by instant betting.

Like any other game, Poker too has certain tricks that can put you in a stronger position than your opponent irrespective of the strength of your cards or calls. One of them is to take time to call or raise the opponent. This convinces the opponent of your weakness but you have nothing to lose when you have the strong hand. Similarly, you could consider calling your opponent’s bet instead of raising it when you hit your hand on the flop and the opponent bets out. A psychological game can be a winning deal provided it is played with conviction.

During the game, you could have limped in a no-limit ring game with Ah-6h from the button. This may not be what you would do often but let’s say you did it and 3 other limpers came into the pot as well. With big blind checking the hand down, you see a flop of 4h, Jh, 9h that gives you the nut flush. Given the fact that you are on the button, you will have position on your 4 opponents by getting to act last in each betting round. It would not be a good idea to scare anyone out of the pot with 4 suited cards on the board.

While the big blind bets the pot and everyone looks up to you, there is no reason to raise this hand as there are no obvious threats to your flush right now. This is the opportunity to take your time and act around a little bit. You would probably want to pretend like you have got two pairs but the opponent has a flush. The advantage here is that the opponent would not put you on a made flush while you allowed him the control.

With self control and strategy – play Poker and win it, too!

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