Beyoncé’s New Watch


( 4UMF NEWS ) Beyoncé's New Watch

Nowhere on Apple's website will you find a solid gold link bracelet for the Apple Watch. Jony Ive never mentions it at any point in this video describing the gold watch's creation. But in a set of photos posted to her website, Beyoncé just proved it exists. And she's not the first person to do so. On two occasions now, high-profile early owners of Cupertino's first smartwatch have been photographed wearing a gold band that's probably worth more than any single possession you own.

First it was Karl Lagerfeld; last week, the German fashion designer and creative director at Chanel was seen wearing an Apple Watch Edition with a gold link bracelet. Aside from color, the band appears identical to the link bracelets Apple is currently offering in silver and space black, lending credence to the idea that these are coming from Apple directly.