Big Kap’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Big Kap's Cause Of Death Revealed

( 4UMF NEWS ) Big Kap's Cause Of Death Revealed:

Legendary New York DJ Big Kap passed away from a heart attack early Wednesday morning (Feb. 3), his road manager, known professionally as Ab Traxx, tells Billboard.

"For the last maybe four, five months, [Kap] had moved to Atlanta and I was basically his road manager," says Ab, who handled Kap's social media posts and bookings.

According to Ab, Kap was heavily promoting his gig on the Atlanta-based Internet radio station Highly Unique Radio and his Burn Unit Crew. "He just got on this radio station based in Atlanta and he was basically doing the groundwork," says Ab, who noted that Kap just secured a 40-day tour in support of the independent artists on his Burn Unit crew. Kap was also planning to make a documentary that hadn't begun filming.

Ab also recalled the last time he spoke with Kap. "Last night when I talked to him, he was fine. He was on the computer at 1 a.m. and then I got the phone call at 4 in the morning from the artist he stays with, Bank Boy Drop. He's an artist based out of Florida we was actually workin' on."

When asked about potential health complications Kap may have had prior to the heart attack, Ab said, "Not that I know of. He had diabetes but I don't think it had anything to do with [his death]." Ab was not able to confirm Kap's age, though reports state he was 45.

The '90s hip-hop icon worked with Funkmaster Flex on 1999's The Tunnel album, a set named after the New York hotspot which featured big name acts including Jay Z, Memphis Bleek, Eminem and late rappers Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

Kap, also known as The Wardin, was previously slated to work a showcase in Atlanta on the day of his death (Feb. 3). That event will now become a memorial for the DJ.