Bobby Shmurda Involved In Jailhouse Brawl

Bobby Shmurda Posts $2 Million Bail

( 4UMF NEWS ) Bobby Shmurda Involved In Jailhouse Brawl:

Bobby Shmurda had to put in some work behind bars during a gang war. The 'Hot Nigga' rapper and five other inmates wre involved in a brawl at the Otis Bantum Correctional Center last month, according to law enforcement sources.

The brawl was in full swing when guards walked up and saw the inmates punching the hell out of each other.

Jail officials believe the ruckus stemmed from a Bloods versus Crips feud. Four of the inmates, including Bobby, are Crips while the other two are Bloods.

Guards broke up the melee with three blasts of a pepper spray like "chemical agent."

Shmurda was popped last fall and is still locked up awaiting trial on conspiracy charges. His attorney had no comment on the jail brawl which, by the way, went down on April 15.