Boxer Kills Rival After Losing To Him For Years

Boxer Kills Rival After Losing To Him For Years

( 4UMF NEWS ) Boxer Kills Rival After Losing To Him For Years:

A jealous rival shot and killed a champion boxer at a Palm Beach Shores, Fla., home after years of challenging him to boxing matches — and losing, authorities said.

Darrell Telisme, 24, was arrested Thanksgiving in the death of Stan Stanisclasse, 23, after a drunken celebration ended with a feats of strength outside a pizza shop, according to local reports.

Like always, Telisme lost to the promising 2012 State Golden Gloves Tournament winner who made a go at qualifying for the Olympics.

“It’s really pretty pathetic and silly,” Stainclasse’s boxing coach at Elite Bowing, Dave Lewter, told the Sun-Sentinel this week.

“What’s the win here? Going to prison for the rest of your life?”

Lewter, who had known Stanisclasse since 2008, argued it was no contest who was strongest. Telisme and Stanisclasse had boxed each other dozens of times since they first met in 2011.

“(Telisme) wasn’t the talented, athletic guy he thought he was,” Lewter told the Palm Beach Post.

Telisme, unable to accept his athletic shortfalls, returned to the apartment building with an entourage and shot Stanisclasse dead the moment he stepped outside, according to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

The longtime rivalry had gotten so far out of hand, Stanisclasse considered buying a gun to protect himself from Telisme knowing he frequently carried his own firearm, a friend told deputies.

Telisme, who was arrested in 2012 for allegedly assaulting a police officer during a traffic stop, now faces a murder and firearm charge in connection to Stanisclasse's death, jail records show.