Britney Spears Falls Onstage


( 4UMF NEWS )Britney Spears Falls Onstage:

Tragedy struck in Las Vegas on Wednesday night when the queen Britney Spears tripped during her Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood. Near the end of "(You Drive Me) Crazy," Britney took a bad step while bouncing around on her heels and appeared to twist her ankle. She then fell down, and though the clip ends right after her tumble (around the 1:47 mark in the below video), she didn't seem to get up right away. Come on, audience! Where are your audible gasps?

It's all fine though, because Britney later tweeted that it was just a "little scare" and she's OK. Thank goodness. Those ankles must be protected like the Heart of the Ocean her boyfriend gives her in the "Oops! ... I Did It Again" video. Godspeed, Britney, and may your balance remain stable throughout the show's run.