Brittney Griner Says Marriage Was A Mistake

Brittney Griner Says Marriage Was A Mistake

( 4UMF NEWS ) Brittney Griner Says Marriage Was A Mistake:

WNBA star Brittney Griner broke down in tears while calling her whirlwind, month-long marriage to fellow basketball star Glory Johnson "a huge mistake."

In less than two months' time, Griner and fellow basketball All-Star Glory Johnson have gotten arrested, married, pregnant and now divorced.

The 24-year-old woman, recently speaking to ESPN in an emotional sit-down interview, said of her April wedding: "I knew I shouldn't have gone through with it."

"Sometimes you feel pressured into things but I went along with it," she said before burying her face into her hands and sobbing. "I just know that it was a mistake now."

Less than a month after the couple was arrested on domestic violence-related charges at their recently purchased Phoenix-area home, they tied the knot.

They were both suspended for seven games for their arrests. Then one day after word leaked of Johnson's shock pregnancy, news broke of the couple filing for an annulment.


Asked the mistake she made, Griner replied: "staying there."

"I should have left," she said of the moments before their April 22 arrest.

"You see it getting heated, you see it escalating, walk away. No matter what's said. No matter what's done," she said. "Domestic violence is never OK no matter what the situation is."

But she should have left their relationship too, she now concedes.

"It wasn't the right way to start out a marriage," she said.

Griner said her plan now is to "submerge myself in basketball."