Camille Cosby Forced To Give Deposition Today

Camille Cosby Forced To Give Deposition Today

( 4UMF NEWS ) Camille Cosby Forced To Give Deposition Today:

Lawyers for Bill Cosby’s wife have filed an emergency motion to postpone her deposition while she appeals a magistrate judge’s order.

The motion filed late Saturday says the 71-year-old Camille Cosby’s deposition scheduled for Monday should be delayed because she “has had no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case.”

It argues that her public testimony “serves no purpose other than to harass and embarrass her.”

Camille Cosby is slated to answer questions under oath in a defamation lawsuit brought against her 78-year-old husband (inset) by seven women who say he sexually assaulted them decades ago.

Lawyers for the Cosbys also say her conversations with her husband are confidential under a marital disqualification rule.

A federal judge ruled Friday that Camille Cosby’s deposition must proceed Monday. “Accordingly, in light of the relatively narrow scope of the rule, the existence of various exceptions, and (Camille Cosby’s) unique role in defendant’s life for over 50 years, she may possess a good deal of relevant, nonprotected information which can be uncovered in a deposition,” the judge wrote.