CEO Of Money And Violence Speaks On Latest Project



(4UMF NEWS ) CEO Of Money And Violence Speaks On Latest Project:

July 25, 2015 a whole community became one at a event called “Push for peace.” Although there were alot of tragedies, the event has a powerful meaning. Pushing for peace means coming together as a community and fighting for freedom of violence. received the opportunity to speak Moise Verneau Writer and Director of Money and Violence. Money and Violence is a Youtube series that became the most popular series receiving more then 300,000 views each Episode. Moise explained how casting was not hard for him, he simply casted only friends and family.
The amazing thing about Money and Violence is none of the cast had any acting experience and managed to make a new hit addictive show, focusing on what's happening in today's society. Money and Violence may have companies like Netflix showing interest in venturing the show off to become mainstream.

This event is a positive way to allow children to be more aware of not resulting in violence. Lisa Evers of Hot97 and Brooklyn's president Eric Adams are the reason why this event was a major success and giving the youth something positive to look forward to.