Chris Brown And Rihanna Secret Released

Chris Brown-And Rihanna Snuggling

( 4UMF NEWS ) Chris Brown And Rihanna Secret Released:

People I want you to understand a few things about Chris Brown and Rihanna situation.

Chris Brown And Rihanna-Secret Released

Most of you as the readers AKA for 4UMF family members you need to know some stuff.

Chris Brown And Rihanna Secret Released

1 is because of the fight they had and all that went on with it. Chris Brown And Rihanna are even bigger. They used the media to help them with that through that situation. Chris Brown did not do a day in jail. Rihanna became the bad girl. Cause her image was to clean before it. And oddly enough Chris Brown as well became the bad boy of R&B/hip hop.

So while they have turn the media and the abuse world upside down. they pockets have only gotten richer thru the whole things. Only time either one of them lost any money was Chris Brown album came out after the beating because his team around him messed up and released it to soon. Cause they wanted to make money. But the world does not forgive that easily. And then all the usual carriers of music banned him for that album. For the same reason. Now after all that being banned from MTV, BET and the Grammy award shows. Plus not being allowed to be around Rihanna PUBLICLY. Even now Chris Browns albums have increased and in sales and likability. Rihanna out the gate played victim and made the sad sale which she had rights to that for the beating and she took full advantage and the negative a positive to her purse. Now both of them are still caking off and playing the bad boy/girl in their lane. Plus owning their lane.

To really tell you the big secret they been together the whole time. But because of all the negative stuff and the courts they where not allowed to be with each other or in the same area. But they have never stopped sleeping with each other. All that Drake, and other dudes was all a pawn to through everyone off. As well as Chris Brown with his pass thru girls. That's the one question that have not been asked and that is the one question they know is true so say ---------- which is both of their friends and has been there before the break till now. The pick they release on instagram planned. And mostly happen way a head. But pics are released at certain times way later. Very well planned. AKA they are toying with the media and growing in fans. Let me say it so all can get it. It's all about MO MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY!



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whoa (Army Green)


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someone needs to proof read before posting smh


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they should of been kept their stuff low, pimp C

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