Chris Brown To Sue Accuser

Chris Brown To Sue Accuser ( 4UMF NEWS ) Chris Brown To Sue Accuser: Chris Brown has a warning to anyone who makes false allegations against him ... no more Mr. Nice Guy. He'll be suing you. Sources close to Chris say he will be filing a lawsuit against Liziane Gutierrez, the woman who claims he punched her in the eye at a Vegas hotel. She filed a police report and made statements to others about the alleged incident. Chris will be filing a defamation suit against her, as early as tomorrow. Brown is taking other steps for starters he's cutting out the "hangers-on" who are inviting "random girls" to hang out with him. He says this is the second time he's been falsely accused of abuse by party girls and he's putting a quick end to it. Gutierrez also went after Jason Derulo after he left her on the sidewalk outside a Hollywood club and invited her friends to an afterparty at his home. She told TMZ a week after the party that Jason tried doing untoward things with the girls, who left the party crying. Gutierrez refused to substantiate her accusation with a single example. Chris says it's proof she's just a bitter woman who lies when she doesn't get her way. Source