Claudia Jordan Booted Off Rickey Smiley Morning Show


Claudia Jordan Booted Off Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Claudia Jordan Booted Off Rickey Smiley Morning Show


( 4UMF NEWS ) Claudia Jordan Booted Off Rickey Smiley Morning Show:

A good source told me that Rickey Smiley has dropped Claudia Jordan from his syndicated morning show produced in downtown Atlanta and heard locally on Hot 107.9.

Jordan confirmed she is leaving the show on her Facebook page this morning but played nice:

Hey friends and fam. I just wanted to make an announcement here for all that have been supporting me in all of my jobs, ventures and adventures. After working on The Rickey Smiley Show for a year I am moving on to more opportunities. There are a whole lot of things I want to do that will better showcase my talents, personality, intelligence and wittiness and I’m ready to pursue them! I’m grateful to Reach Media and to Mr. Smiley for giving me the opportunity which in turn helped me have a reason to be in Atlanta to be on the Real Housewives of Atlanta which was another amazing opportunity that has brought me nothing but more exposure, more checks and more opportunities in film and many other things. To those that rode with me through the storm when I was trying to adjust on the show with conflicting advice coming at me from all angles-I thank you. To my critics-I thank you also because you pushed me and motivated me to do better. I know I’m the second female co-host to depart in a year but I have total confidence that they will fill that spot with someone that will do the damn thing and be able to stay forever! I’ll miss the crew and made some real friends on the RSMS and I wish them the best.I also want to publicly say THANK YOU to Ebony Steele who was a total class act to me when I first started and has continued to check up on me and has truly shown me sisterhood despite everything. I can not wait to see her next move also. She’s talented and a radio star! But lots of things are cooking as we speak and I’ll post where you can catch me next REAL soon! XOXO CJ

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member joined a year ago after long-time co-host Ebony Steele was abruptly let go with no explanation. Steele has never talked openly about that situation.

Who will take over for Jordan? I presume we’ll learn Friday. Loren “Hollywood” Henderson, a producer on Smiley’s morning show, said Smiley isn’t commenting until then because everyone is on vacation.

The show is indeed on break this week. Jordan’s last day was last Thursday on location in New Orleans for the Essence Festival.

Jordan, who was on a beach in Miami Wednesday, declined to comment.

Curiously, on Facebook last week, Smiley posted a note that was clearly targeting a member of the morning team:

It kills me when you give people opportunity and the disrespect I have to deal with daily, my entire career. Being no nonsense and not taking shi from anyone is not bipolar. Saying no to someone isn’t being mean. I got folks who eat off me, get paid for what they do and can walk in the studio in they feelings [sic] about nothing… sounds good on the air. If you only knew. It’s not just white people that have entitlement issues smfh. All I do here is provide opportunities for people, come to work happy every day, work hard and have to deal with S on and off the air. The devil IS a lie. It’s all good because I appreciate the ones that’s respectful and loyal and trying to make these radio and tv dreams come true. So instead of mistreating an employer that provides an opportunity for you to have a career, if what he provides is not enough, then start your own. Simple. #entitlement.

Whether this had anything to do with Jordan is in question. Contrast this to what he just wrote a few hours after Jordan posted the news of her departure. Feel free to read between the lines because no matter how much he praises her here, he did let her go.

In part, he wrote, “Love her or hate her I’m basing this off of my personal experience working with her this whole year. She was key in bringing the show together… she made everyone welcome to her home and as a person I genuinely love her from the bottom of my heart… Who she is on RHOA is NOT the Claudia that I know and experience every morning. She’s ride or die. No one is perfect but she has been awesome to my life and my morning show.”

He implied this wasn’t 100 percent his decision by saying “I don’t own this company and sometimes the cards fall in the opposite direction.” He then threw a bunch of positive adjectives her way: “awesome attitude, HUMBLE, sweet, thoughtful, funny, loving, caring and always hungry (food).”

Again, if all that was the case, why is she not still there?

Jordan, a model who has worked with Jamie Foxx on Sirius XM’s comedy channel and appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice,” had moved to Atlanta a year ago from New York to take the job, then latched onto “Real Housewives” soon after. She was originally going to just be Kenya Moore’s friend but was elevated to full-time status during production of season seven.

Fellow “Real Housewives” member Porsha Williams remains as a “Dish Nation” contributor. Smiley is part of the syndicated “Dish Nation” TV show, which is taped after the radio show and airs weekdays on Fox 5 at 7 p.m. in Atlanta.

The radio show’s ratings on Hot are up year over year overall and among 25-54 year olds but have fallen among younger listeners. Last month, it ranked in a tie for 13th overall with a 3.7 share overall compared to a 2.6 share in June, 2014. Among 25 to 54 year olds, it’s up to a 4.4 share from a 4.2 share a year ago. Among 18 to 34 year olds, it fell from a 7.2 and second place in June 2014 to 7th place with a 4.6 last month.

My source said Smiley, in a huff, had stopped talking to Jordan a couple of weeks ago. With ratings down in many markets, the source said Smiley was looking for excuses. (His show is syndicated in more than 50 markets, including St. Louis, Miami, Detroit, Dallas and Chicago.)

“Claudia was an easy target,” the source said, although whenever they made public appearances, fans flocked to Jordan. That may have bugged Smiley, too, the source said.

“She’s the most interesting person on the show,” the source added. “Rickey couldn’t have that.”

Jordan has had a rough month. Rumors have been floating about that Bravo may either drop or demote Jordan on the eighth season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” which is just starting production. And she got a bad case of whiplash late last month after getting involved in a car accident. She said it may take months before she is 100 percent.