Coffee Shop Plans To Serve Oral Sex

Coffee Shop Plans To Serve Oral Sex

( 4UMF NEWS ) Coffee Shop Plans To Serve Oral Sex:

Being a coffee whore has a whole new meaning.

A cafe in Switzerland that’s shooting to open in Geneva later this year plans to combine two things that are popular and legal there: coffee and prostitution.

The java-and-jollies joint is called, aptly enough, the Fellatio Cafe. You can’t say there isn’t truth in advertising. For about $61 bucks, guys can order a steamy beverage and some oral sex from an on-call licensed sex worker who stops by the establishment to perform the service. While within the law, sex-for-sale is strictly controlled in the country known for neutrality.

Fellatio Cafe is still awaiting approval, but appears to be within guidelines.

The business is the brainchild of the Geneva-based escort service Facegirl and inspired by similar Thai businesses. Speaking for Fellatio, a spokesman has hailed the proposed spot’s user-friendliness, noting in the Swiss paper Le Matin, “In five or ten minutes, it’s all over.”

The spokesman didn’t respond to a Daily News interview request but has said that there are no plans now for a sister biz to similarly jump-start a woman’s day. Of course, that would mean a bottomless cup of coffee policy.