Community College Campus Shooting

Community College Campus Shooting

( 4UMF NEWS ) Community College Campus Shooting:

The Wayne Community College campus in Goldsboro, N.C., is under lockdown after a report of a shooting in the school library.

Mulitiple media outlets were reporting that one person was fatally shot.

WNCN-TV, citing Goldsboro authorities, said one person had been shot and police were involved in an "active shooter" situation. No suspect was in custody, WNCN said.

"This is not a drill. The entire campus is under lockdown," a large warning states on the school website.

The News-Argus website, citing Goldsboro City Manager Scott Stevens, also said one person was fatally shot. "The identity of the victim -- and the status of the search for a suspect -- have not yet been confirmed," the website said.

Fire Marshall Brian Taylor told NBC News that multiple law enforcement departments had responded to the scene and a manhunt was underway for the shooter.

Earlier, Goldsboro police said there was a report of a shooting at the campus library and officers are looking for a suspect. College President Kay Albertson told the News-Argus that school personnel were evacuated and "we've been told to pull back."

Tara Humphries, Wayne Community College told the website that police have one suspect "under control."

The website said that there was no hostage situation, but added that some people "are still trapped inside and trying to get out." The fire department was working the with sheriff's department, the website said.