Cops Deliver Pizza After Arresting Deliveryman

Cops Deliver Pizza After Arresting Deliveryman

( 4UMF NEWS ) Cops Deliver Pizza After Arresting Deliveryman:

They protected – then served.

Suburban Chicago police officers who arrested a pizza delivery driver on drug paraphernalia charges after he skirted a red light ended up delivering the hot pie themselves to a startled customer.

“A confused resident accepted the pizza, and was very glad that the police were there to deliver the pizza, rather than talk to them,” Oswego, Illinois, police wrote in a Facebook page about their Jan. 25 escapade.

Officers busted the pizza driver and a friend that night after the driver went through a parking lot to avoid a red light. Once stopped, cops found drug paraphernalia and arrested the delivery man, who was en route to deliver a pie.

The customer lived nearby, the receipt showed.

"The pizza was already paid for, and the delivery location was within a few blocks," Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner told the Chicago Tribune. "They decided one should go ahead and make the delivery."

Officers in the town, which sits about 48 miles southwest of Chicago, then posted to Facebook about their stint moonlighting as delivery drivers. The post went viral, earning the officers accolades for their dedication.

“Nice job by the Good Guys!” wrote one user.

We try to do all we can to help our residents, but I think this is the first time we've delivered a pizza.
“Thanks for not enforcing asset seizure on behalf of the folks waiting for their ‘za!” wrote another.

“That is so cool. Way to go. Get the bad guy. And deliver the food. I would have tipped the cop,” wrote another among the dozens of comments attached to the post.

No word on if the officers got a tip for their effort, but Burgner said he’s happy with the positive attention the story has received.

"The post was written to show the human side of police officers. That's one thing I like about the attention it's getting," Burgner told the Tribune.

Arrested were Nicholas Parello and Dakota Albright, both 19. It's unclear who was working at the time and for what restaurant.

"We try to do all we can to help our residents, but I think this is the first time we've delivered a pizza," Burgner said with a laugh in an interview with Only Oswego.