Coroner Admits To Racist Bias During Autopsies

Coroner Admits To Racist Bias During Autopsies

( 4UMF NEWS ) Coroner Admits To Racist Bias During Autopsies:

In the case of Chris Nisbet, a county coroner in South Carolina, it appears racism and an abiding allegiance to law enforcement informed how autopsies were performed on his constituents.

ABC4 in Charleston, after repeated FOIA requests, recently obtained dashcam footage from the Aug. 25 Summerville arrest and release of Nisbet, who was temporarily detained by police after a drunken confrontation with his neighbor.

Nesbit, a middle aged white man, held his African American neighbor up at gunpoint, claiming that he saw his neighbor pull a gun on a repo man. When the police arrived, the neighbor didn't have a gun, but a cell phone. Nesbit refused to put his gundownfor a full twenty seconds when police arrived on the scene.

In that footage, and on 911 calls obtained by TV news affiliate, Nesbit, who is white, can be overheard calling his African American neighbor a “n----r.”

This should be enough to permanently bar him from serving as a county official, but the footage, if you can believe it, got worse.

Nisbet is a rambler. Speaking to police, he alludes to an earlier case he falsely ruled as a “suicide by cop.” Calling his own ruling “bull----," Nisbet continues his toxic, racist rant.

“Homeslice pulled the gun out on him,” Nisbet can be heard saying. “He pulled the gun out right in the repo man’s face and I was like, ‘Oh hell, no.’ Because I don’t put up with that bull----. The last guy who pulled a gun out on a cop — you know, I ruled that (expletive) suicide-by-cop — because if you pull a gun out on me I'm going to shoot your a--.”

“You know I always got y’alls back. I look out for the boys in blue,” Nisbet adds. “Just like the last suicide by cop bull----. You don’t worry about that. I always got y’alls back. You do what you got to do.”

Just to make sure the officers understood where he was coming from, Nisbet tells the police that he’s going to kill his neighbor and “plant him in my garden.”

They arrested him, right?

Nah. Police can be overheard on dashcam debating the merits of his arrest and they opted to let him go. Clearly, he’s their boy.

While that entire scene is disturbing in its own right, what’s even more troubling is determining how Nisbet’s racism not only informed his suicide ruling with Shamir Palmer, but any other case that came across his desk.

American racism is so deeply ingrained in the system, that even the coroners are making racist rulings to protect the police.