updated 4:55 PM UTC, Jan 16, 2017

Cowboys And Raiders Fight At Joint Practice

Cowboys And Raiders Fight At Joint Practice


( 4UMF NEWS ) Cowboys And Raiders Fight At Joint Practice:

The Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders‘ joint training-camp session turned ugly when not one, but two fights broke out during practice. The Dallas defense and Oakland offense got into it when Cowboys cornerback Mo Claiborne put tight end Mychal Rivera on his back, then barked at the crowd, according to one report from Tim MacMahon of ESPN. The players pushing and shoving appeared to get very close to fans during one of the fights.

They weren’t done after that, either, as the two teams fought again when the Cowboys offense took the field and a backup reserve had his helmet ripped off.

Since the squads don’t meet during the regular season, this will unfortunately have to remain unfinished business.


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