Daycare Shooting

Daycare Shooting
( 4UMF NEWS ) Daycare Shooting:

GATINEAU, Quebec (Reuters) - A shooting at a daycare center near Ottawa on Friday left two adults dead, one of them the gunman, but police said all 53 children at the center were unharmed.

Police said they received a call for help Friday morning after shots were fired in the Montessori daycare center in Gatineau, Quebec, just across the Ottawa River from the Canadian capital.

"We have two deceased. One of the males is the person responsible for the shooting and the second person is another male who works here at the daycare," Gatineau Police Chief Mario Haren told reporters.

He said all the children - including five babies - were safe after being evacuated by police officers to a nearby house.

Haren would not confirm the identities of the deceased, saying their families had not been notified.

He said a shotgun was found near the body of the presumed shooter, and that police were investigating the possibility that the shooting was related to a domestic dispute.

Earlier, CBC television reported seeing an adult-sized body being removed on a stretcher.


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