Deion Sanders’ Lawyer Quits

Deion Sanders Lawyer Quits

( 4UMF NEWS ) Deion Sanders' Lawyer Quits:

Football great Deion Sanders needs to start the new year with new divorce attorneys, RumorFix is reporting.

On New Year’s Eve, Deion’s attorneys filed legal papers asking to withdraw from the bitter divorce case between the NFL Hall of Famer and his model wife, Pilar Sanders.

According to court documents, attorneys Jody L. Johnson and Rick Robertson want to drop out of the case because they are “unable to effectively communicate with their client,” and Deion is “unable to pay his attorneys pursuant to the terms of the employment agreements with his attorneys.”

The high-profile divorce over Deion’s reported $250 million fortune doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved soon. There is a child custody hearing scheduled for January 9, a prenup arbitration hearing on January 22 and a jury trial on children’s issues on March 4.

Deion Sanders_Lawyer Quits


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