E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In Man’s Pocket

E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In Man's Pocket

( 4UMF NEWS ) E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In Man's Pocket:

Children are told to stop, drop and roll in case of fire, though one Kentucky man had to quickly take off his pants after a e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket.

Josh Hamilton, of Owensboro, was at a convenience store buying snacks when the smoking device burst into flames, shooting sparks around the cash register area.

The shocked Shell station customer quickly ran outside to disrobed his lower half as employee Jassie Singh followed him with a fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Even with the quick action and a trip to the local hospital, Hamilton received nasty second-degree burns from the explosion.

Gas station employee Manoj Kumar told WFIE that he originally thought the customer had a bomb in his pocket before realizing the situation.

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“Yeah it got me good! It was like I had one of those fountain type fireworks going off in my pocket,” Hamilton later posted on Facebook.

E-cigarette battery explosions have become a more common occurrence as the devices have risen in popularity. Last year a Texas man sued the store that sold him batteries after an explosion during a kickball game that left him with injuries to his leg and groin.

E-cigarette user groups say that most problems with exploding batteries are caused by extreme heat, using an incorrect charger, using an incorrect battery or a battery’s interaction with other metal.