Easter Bunny Gets In Brawl

Easter Bunny Gets In Brawl

( 4UMF NEWS ) Easter Bunny Gets In Brawl:

A video posted on Twitter appears to show a man dressed as the Easter bunny in a brawl at a New Jersey mall on Palm Sunday.

The video, which was posted by user @kevinp461, shows a man partially dressed in a bunny costume brawling with mall shoppers in a chaotic scene at Newport Centre in Jersey City.

Punches are thrown by multiple people as mall security tries to intervene. A huge crowd looks on as the fight continues.

The man in the costume disappears behind a holiday display, but comes back moments later, rips off his white bunny paws and starts “throwing hands,” someone says in the video.

“He curb stomped him,” the narrator says. “The Easter bunny got in a fight.”

Mall security and bystanders then appear to take the costumed man into custody. Further details about the brawl weren’t immediately known.