Escaped Tiger Kills Man

Escaped Tiger Kills Man

( 4UMF NEWS ) Escaped Tiger Kills Man:

An escaped zoo tiger killed a Georgian man days after masses of animals slipped out of the capital park during torrential weekend floods.

The tiger wounded a second man before a marksman shot and killed it, BBC News reported.

A day before the tiger attack, the Tbilisi zoo said all of the escaped lions and tigers had been found dead, apparently killed in the severe floods. Just one jaguar remained at large, but it, too, was likely dead, officials said.

It's not clear how the zoo miscounted for the at-large killer tiger.

Hundreds of animals escaped from the park over the weekend, as flooding killed at least 19 humans in the ex-Soviet republic. An intense downpour that began late Saturday turned a Tbilisi stream into a raging torrent that destroyed houses and tore up roads. About 40 families lost their homes.

The zoo re-captured its hippopotamus and other animals on Sunday, but more died in the roaring waters: Eight lions, seven tigers two jaguars, 12 bears and 17 penguins were found dead as the floods began to recede, the zoo reported.

In total, more than half of the zoo’s 300 animals either drowned or were killed by police during the mid-flood chaos, officials said.