Evidence Of Michael Jordan’s Illegitimate Son

Evidence Of Michael Jordan Cheating
( 4UMF NEWS ) Evidence Of Michael Jordan's Illegitimate Son:

Taj Jordan & Michael Jordan

Evidence Of Michael Jordan illegitimate son

Taj Jordan is an Atlanta teenager that basically lived his whole life without a father. His mother Pamela Smith released the news to him that Michael Jordan was his real father. He lived with this for a while until Christmas 2012. He felt that it was just time for the truth to be told. His wishes are just for Michael Jordan to be in his life, its not about the money but more about the time and experiences he has missed. Taj overall is a talented individual, He excels in music & sports.

Taj is a triple teen athlete & music artist. Music & sports has been his passion sense age 3. He stands at the height of 6’3 and still growing. Taj has participated in many sports activities such as basketball, football & soccer and excels in them. Presently he is one of top 10 goalies in the State of Georgia. He is destined to become the next hottest music artist. Music is his passion he produces, writes, and performs.

Taj Jordans mom (Pamela Smith) & Michael Jordan years ago

Evidence-Of-Michael-Jordan-Baby Mama

Taj also comes from family of stars; great individuals like David Ruffin, Otis Redding, and Devyne stephens fall in the line of his family tree. Taj seeks to succeed in what he loves to do and looks for all the support he can get, but the biggest support he dearly desires is from his father Michael Jordan.

Taj Jordan & His Mom (Pamela Smith)


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The picture of mj and his mom is from the 80s. I think we got a obsessed mj groupie who told her child stories


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    That is when he messed with her starting then. And on top of that he got his features and resembles his daughter. That nose is a dead give away


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      He said a brief affair plus I don’t see any resemblance.He wiil not be on the internet trying to convince us. It will be across news papers in america. This is mj weare talking about.

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  • Anon

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    Mj should be ashamed of his dambed self. I hope he at least provided financial support. Who would’ve thought Mj a sperm donor!

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  • aly

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    perfect timing for taj to launch a music career …hmmmmmm

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