Fan Throws Sex Toy Onto Field During Bills/Pats Game


( 4UMF NEWS ) Fan Throws Sex Toy Onto Field During Bills/Pats Game:

The Patriots got a fan’s serving of a bogus Buffalo-sized baby-maker during a first-and-goal play against the Bills on Sunday.

With New England up by two touchdowns in the third quarter, someone — perhaps a disgruntled Bills fan — tried to thwart Pats wide receiver Chris Hogan from entering the end zone by hurling a sex toy onto the field that landed on the one-yard line.

The fake fun stick came up short, though, as the Bills defenders stopped Hogan at the three.

A fan video showed referees wait several seconds before one of the them lined up to kick the thing off the field, which triggered applause from the crowd.

As it turns out, the molded member provided most of the afternoon delight for Bills fans, who saw their team drop to 4-4 with a 41-25 loss to its virile rival.