Fantasia Single Again?

Fantasia Single Again ( 4UMF NEWS ) Fantasia Single Again: They say when it rains it pours and judging by Fantasia's instagram posts she is really going through it. In addition to burying her grandmother, the R&B singer's marriage is apparently over. It was only last fall when Fanny took to Instagram to share with her followers that she had secretly tied the knot and was off of the market. Fantasia Single Again 2 But yesterday she posted this:

It doesnt matter what road you take, hill you climb, or path you're on, you will always end up in the same place, LEARNING... There is nothing more devastating to the human psyche that what we call a broken heart. He done me wrong! She put me out! He cheated! She lied! I cant eat! I cant sleep! I see her face! I hear his voice! Ive got to see her ! Wait! Hold it! Hearts don't break! We love with our heads, not with out heart. We develop an idea of what a relationship should be. If things do not go the way we planned, our hearts are broken. .. Grandama im Broken no sleep yet

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