Florida Teen Stabbed To Death Trying To Protect Sister


Florida Teen Stabbed To Death Trying To Protect Sister

Florida Teen Stabbed To Death Trying To Protect Sister


( 4UMF NEWS ) Florida Teen Stabbed To Death Trying To Protect Sister:

A Florida teen died early Saturday defending his older sister from a man who had been following her and had fought with her the day before, his grief-stricken family told local reporters.

Jayquan Newbold, 15, was stabbed at North Lake Ave. and Brook Circle in Leesburg, roughly 40 miles from Orlando, at roughly 2 a.m. and later pronounced dead at an area hospital, officials with the Lake County Sheriff's Office told the Orlando Sentinel.

The teen was fighting against the man in his 30s after he attacked his sister, who was also cut during the altercation, his father told the Sentinel. But the man involved in the clash is cooperating with the investigation into Newbold’s death, officials in the sheriff’s office told WFTV-TV.

They had yet to eliminate self-defense as a possible motive or enter any charges against the man, Lake County Sheriff’s Lt. John Herrell said on the TV station on Saturday. Herrell didn’t immediately respond to a request for any updates in the case on Tuesday night.

But Newbold’s family decries his untimely death. Relatives arranged a bouquet of flowers at the spot of the altercation and remembered him as a hero the day after he died, the Daily Commercial of Leesburg reported.

Newbold’s sister had reported a physical dispute at her house on Friday with the same man, according to WFTV. But even though she asked police to arrest the man her mom says had been following her around, the officers didn’t take him in because she had sustained only small scratches, according to the TV station.

And now the family wants answers, tearful mom Yolanda Calloway told WFTV.

That’s not self-defense,” Calloway said. “To a 15-year-old? You’re a grown man. Why?"

She added, “I don’t know what happened. I just want justice.”

The teen, who was set to start high school in the fall, aspired to play football in college some day, his father Timothy Newbold Jr. told the Sentinel.

“Now that whole dream has been taken away,” Newbold said.