Four Charged In Beating Of Pregnant Teen


Four Charged In Beating Of Pregnant Teen

Four Charged In Beating Of Pregnant Teen


( 4UMF NEWS ) Four Charged In Beating Of Pregnant Teen:

Four Texas family members have been charged in a brutal six-hour beating meant to terminate a 14-year-old's unwanted pregnancy.

The teenager was repeatedly struck in the stomach, which resulted in her delivering a stillborn child in the bathroom of her family's suburban Dallas home, WFAA reported.

The fetus was then thrown in a charcoal grill and burned before its remains were tossed in a green plastic bag and disposed of, according to the arrest affidavit.

Sharon Jones, 45, Lonnell McDonald, 27, Cedric Jones, 27, and Cecila McDonald, 25, were each arrested Tuesday in connection with the assault and booked into Dallas County jail. Bond has been set at $150,000.

The victim, who told police about the attack last month, said she was sexually assaulted by a family member in August 2012, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The teenager “did not tell anyone about the sexual assault because…she was embarrassed by it,” the affidavit explained.

She was eight-months pregnant when Sharon Jones gave her birth control, Plan B pills and cinnamon tablets to abort the child, according to police.

When that failed, authorities allege the family resorted to physical assault to kill the fetus.

Police said the foursome attacked the pregnant girl in the living room of Sharon Jones' Pleasant Grove, Tex. house, pinning the teen's "arms down to the floor" as Cecila and Lonnell McDonald took turns bouncing up and down on her stomach, WFAA reported.

When Cedric Jones walked in on the assault, Lonnell McDonald allegedly told him "he had already been kicking the "s--- out of the b----."