Georgia Female Student Shot At High School

Georgia Female Student Shot At High School
( 4UMF NEWS ) Georgia Female Student Shot At High School:

Atlanta police tell FOX 5 a 17-year-old person shot herself outside of Grady High School on Wednesday morning, causing the school to go on lockdown for over two hours. Atlanta Public Schools says the person is a student, and they don't know if the shooting was accidental or intentional.

Police say the shooting occurred at around 9:40 a.m. They say the student was between buildings of the campus, and not inside, when the shooting happened. They say they do not know why the student was on the campus with the gun. Police reiterated there is not a gunman loose on campus.

Atlanta Public Schools tweeted that there are no reports of any suspects on campus, and that the gun has been confiscated. Police say the 17-year-old student suffered a wound to her upper leg, and was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis is at the school to talk to police and school security about the incident, say school officials. They say he is expected to make a statement at 12:15 p.m.

APS has tweeted that parents who would like to check their students out early will have to follow the normal check out procedures for the school. They say classes will resume their normal schedule at noon.

Atlanta police say the incident remains under investigation. They say they will be working with school detectives to determine why the gun was on the campus, and they also hope to question the student.


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