Green Bay Packers Win Game With Hail Mary

Green Bay Packers Win Game With Hail Mary

( 4UMF NEWS ) Green Bay Packers Win Game With Hail Mary:

The Super Bowl tops them all, of course. That fourth-down pass to Randall Cobb that put the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs after the 2013 season was pretty special, too.

Now add to the list this, the 61-yard Hail Mary that not only won Thursday's game for the Packers but might very well have saved their season, too.

“It’s the greatest feeling,” Aaron Rodgers said, still grinning after the Packers' improbable rally from 20 points down to stun the Detroit Lions 27-23. “… You live for days like this, to be able to have a chance at the end and then have something miraculous happen.”

Miraculous doesn’t begin to describe it. For the entire first half, the Packers were inept, with so many things going wrong that coach Mike McCarthy could have been forgiven for checking the bench for locusts and frogs.

Before the first quarter was out, they were down 17 points to the Lions. Yes, the Lions, the team that started the year 1-7 and has had two winning seasons over the last 14 years. Already down two starters on the offensive line, T.J. Lang and Bryan Bulaga, they lost another when Corey Linsley re-injured his ankle.

The drops and inconsistencies that have plagued them during a rocky five-week stretch, they were on fully display, too.

But the beauty of sports is how quickly things can change. One series, one play, one throw and a script can get rewritten.

“This counts as one win,” McCarthy said. “But it feels like more.”

The Packers went into training camp a trendy pick for the Super Bowl. Jordy Nelson’s season-ending knee injury was a serious blow, but so long as they had Rodgers they had enough weapons to still make it work.

It did for the first two months. Green Bay won its first six games and, with the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles struggling, the Packers were the team to beat.