updated 4:55 PM UTC, Jan 16, 2017

Gwen Stefani Obtains Restraining Order Against Suicidal Stalker


( 4UMF NEWS) Gwen Stefani Obtains Restraining Order Against Suicidal Stalker:

Last month Richard Portnoy sent a few scary messages to Gwen Stefani, threatening to show up at an acupuncture clinic where she was receiving treatment and now the “Hella Good” singer has a restraining order to hopefully keep her safe.

According to police, Portnoy has also shown up at Stefani’s Los Angeles home multiple times and has brought Gwen candy and flowers as well as a note offering to rescue her from her alleged unhappy life.

But the real kicker came when Richard told Stefani’s father that if Gwen ever injured herself he would not be able to go on living. Following the reference to suicide, Mr. Stefani got his own restraining order and now Gwen has one too!


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