Hulu Lands Mega Deal For ‘Seinfeld’


Hulu Lands Mega Deal For 'Seinfeld'

Hulu Lands Mega Deal For 'Seinfeld'


( 4UMF NEWS ) Hulu Lands Mega Deal For 'Seinfeld':

Larry David is kicking back with a recently legalized Cuban cigar and texting Jerry Seinfeld the money bags emoji. After years of tedious speculation, the greatest sitcom of all time is finally going modern with the announcement of a gargantuan deal with Hulu valued at just under $1 million per episode. According to Variety, the roughly $180 million haul will be split between Sony TV, Time Warner's Castle Rock Entertainment, and the Seinfeld "profit participants" — including David and Seinfeld.

To the chagrin of everyone who uses both Netflix and Hulu, one of Hulu's distinguishing characteristics is the unsightly presence of ads. However, compared to Seinfeld's previous status — i.e. perpetually in reruns on cable and available in small, sporadically released batches on Crackle (which always seems to run the same damn ad four different times during a 22-minute episode) — this is a huge coup for the classic sitcom's continued cross-generational appeal.