Ice T And Coco Are Expecting Their First Child


Ice T And Coco Are Expecting Their First Child

Ice T And Coco Are Expecting Their First Child


( 4UMF NEWS ) Ice T And Coco Are Expecting Their First Child:

Legendary rapper Ice T is to become a dad again at the age of 57. A source confirms to Us Weekly that his wife of 14 years, Coco Austin, is pregnant!

The pair, who recently revealed details about their new daily talk show, Ice and Coco, which will premiere on Fox channels on Monday, August 3, have another, even more exciting new project in the works! Coco, who has been very vocal about her desire for kids even though her husband already has two children and a 20-year-old grandson, is finally getting what she's always wanted -- a baby.

Ice T and Coco are already parents to their two beloved bulldogs, Spartacus and Maximus, but have had babies on the mind for the past few years. Back in 2012, the Law and Order: SVU's curvy wife broke down in tears during an episode of their hit reality show Ice Loves Coco when a doctor informed her that her blood pressure was too high to allow her to safely carry a baby.

Vowing to get her health back under control, the surgically enhanced glamour model expressed her determination to become a mom one day (regardless of her husband's slightly less enthusiastic reaction!) and revealed last year, as she turned 35, that she was taking prenatal vitamins.

But don't expect Coco to tone down her racy image just because she's becoming a mom! In a promo for her and Ice T's new talk show the bubbly model, actress and dancer revealed she's an expert at making sure all things domestic are still sexy!

"I've branded myself to be sexy, but also be a wife at the same time," she says. "I cook, I clean, I'll be washing the car… heels. Everything is Cocofied!"