J. Cole Attends Fan’s Graduation


J. Cole Attends Fan's Graduation

J. Cole Attends Fan's Graduation


( 4UMF NEWS ) J. Cole Attends Fan's Graduation:

“You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles,” an ecstatic teen fan quoted from J.Cole’s “Autograph” after posing with him at her high school graduation.

J. Cole’s calendar marked New York City on Monday and Atlanta on Wednesday for his Dollar And A Dream Tour. But on Tuesday, the rapper kept his schedule open to fulfill a promise he made to a teen two years ago, according to his friend Ibrahim Hamad.

When Twitter user @princess_simba wrote a letter to Cole as a sophomore in North Carolina, she told him about her obstacles in life and school, and asked him to attend her high school graduation. The rapper made a deal with her. “I read your letter twice now,” he said. “You are so strong, i admire YOU. i will be at your graduation…only if you get into a 4 year University. go!”

The teen stayed in contact with Cole and Hamad on Twitter and by phone, updating the two on her progress in school. In April, the fan posted pictures to Twitter of her college acceptance letters. A month later, she sent reminders to him that graduation day was approaching.

Her Twitter bio now reads, “He called, we met and now @JColeNC is coming to my graduation. My dreams are coming true.”

The day after his Irving Plaza performance, Cole headed to New Jersey to attend @princess_simba’s graduation ceremony. Not only did he keep up with his end of the bargain, Hamad and the teen confirmed that he also gave her books and promised to contribute to her college tuition.